Monday, March 24, 2014

Week Two Chapter Excerpts from The Ex Chronicles: Everything Changes

Day 1

An hour later Precious is standing in the doorway of Café Leon scanning the semi-crowded bar. Omar isn’t hard to spot; at least six-foot-two he is head and shoulders above the crowd leaning comfortably against the bar watching her.
Omar’s eyes stop momentarily on the swell of her breasts in the deep V of her light wool sweater then continue down to the curve of her hips in her black leggings. Her lips are stained with the deep red lipstick Hope told her was perfect for her chocolate complexion. A light dusting of gold eye shadow completes her makeup, which is a lot for Precious. As she makes her way to the bar, Omar let his gaze rest on her lips. The intensity of it makes Precious blush, but she meets his eyes evenly.

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