Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Day 6

Zenobia’s head rests on the back of the couch. She is back in the present, back in Gramercy Park. David is kneeling between her legs eating her out, and she’s thinking about Malcolm, about their last time together. Zenobia tries to focus on the here and now. She has never tried this hard to cum before in her life. She tries to relax, to give into the sensation of David’s mouth, his tongue moving in swirls, finding her spots, but her heart just isn’t into it. It’s too soon after seeing Malcolm. Zenobia’s hips buck up off the couch when she feels a jolt of pleasure. She is having trouble breathing. She’s close, so close. Her leg is shaking, and her breath is coming in short bursts as the sensations build up inside her. He’s stroking her just right. She’s almost there. She moans as she rides out the first wave.

“Oh... Malcolm.” Zenobia tenses and slowly opens her eyes. David isn’t looking at her in shock because she's just moaned her ex's name. His groans had drowned out her voice. 

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