Friday, March 7, 2014


Day 2

Nina had plotted the seduction carefully. She'd greeted Darius wearing a very thin, very short silk robe, which clung to her wet skin and was almost transparent against it. Her green eyes twinkled as she hugged him, making sure that her breasts pressed against the thin material of his shirt. Running her hands down his arms, she said, “You look great. I really need this workout session.” Then she does a slow turn. “Would you look at my ass,” she said, slapping it so hard that it jiggled. “I swear it’s almost twice the size it used to be.”

Darius was looking anywhere but at where she was slapping. “Naw, your ass looks... uhm no problem, Nina. I’ll just set up.” Darius looked away from the image of Nina’s swinging hips in the clinging fabric as she sashayed into her bedroom. But it was too late. He was hard, very hard. 

From the very first moment Nina and Darius met, she knew he’d be inside her before the first session was over. Nina had made no secret that she was attracted to him; she’d chosen him for home training sessions especially because of his “assets.” She could tell from the moment she saw him at Equinox, her eyes on the bulge in his sweatpants. Darius has a big d***, and Nina is a straight up freak. She’d quickly found out that a straight up freak is Darius’ weakness.

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