Thursday, March 27, 2014

Week Two Chapter Excerpts from The Ex Chronicles: Everything Changes

  Day 4

Thirty minutes later, Precious arrives at her door with Omar’s number in her phone and a spring in her step. She’s about to put her key in the lock when Darius walks up behind her.
“Who is he?”
She is so startled that she jumps.
“What are you doing here,” Precious asks.
“I said, who is he?” Darius is so angry he can barely get the words out.
Darius is so upset that Precious is about to answer until she realizes that he’d been following her. “Are you stalking me?”
Darius looks sheepishly at his sneakers.
“No, not stalking, exactly.”
“What is not stalking exactly, Darius,” Precious asks.

“I uh... I was worried about you. You were so upset on Friday,” he answers, nervously pushing his locks out of his face. When he does, Precious remembers why she kept taking him back.

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